MARCHing to the Beat w/ Music Maven DJ Lambo

By Designer Tasha of VonRay Designs

There are some phenomenal female DJs and host all around the world. I have a list of some of my favorite female djs and DJ Lambo is at the top of my list. I met her on one of my many journeys to Nigeria, specifically one of her trips where we were showcasing in a fashion show there. Her spirit was so warm, she had a a very fashionable style, unique sneakers and I had heard little whispers that we favored each other! At that point we were both rocking undercuts, colorful braids and camo jackets! I was so honored to style my sister DJ Lambo and interview her as one of my highlights for “Women’s Month”! She is so deserving… not only does she DJ all around the world, but she gives back to those in need, speaks at schools, she is a mixologist, she has several brand endorsements, produces and makes super great music with phenomenal industry officials. Please check out the magic that we created together …

Designer Tasha:

What have DJ Lambo been up to lately?

DJ Lambo:

With the pandemic,I can’t really do much work,so I’ve been pursuing some other interests like producing more,cooking,making cocktails lol i started a cocktail delivery company named BoozeX!

Designer Tasha:

This is so dope to see you in different facets of creativity!

In This next season … what do you have coming up that you can discuss?

DJ Lambo:

I’m working on more music definitely and just shot a video my record with Iyanya and Lady Donli  entitled “Bella” and the video dropped on January 29th. 

Designer Tasha:

Sis! I heard that song and it’s a total vibe!!!! You looked amazing as well in the video, really loved the looks and the whole beach scene and all!

Speaking of style… What’s your favorite color and why?

DJ Lambo:

Thank you sis, I would have to say the color Red, because it symbolizes fire and there’s fire in my spirit lol.

Designer Tasha:

What’s your favorite food?

DJ Lambo:

I love pounded yam and efo riro.

Designer Tasha:

I’ve always been interested to know, What or who inspired you to pursue DJing & Music?

DJ Lambo:

That’s a great questions… My dad, who was also a DJ and I got exposed to music early on, because of his collection of records.

Designer Tasha:

I so love this! Music is a global experience through the ear and mind… music travels, so where is your favorite place to travel?

DJ Lambo:

I love to travel so i have a lot of places I love to go but I love Cape Town,South Africa … a lot!

Designer Tasha:

What would you have been doing if not DJing?

DJ Lambo:

I most definitely would be producing, cooking or being a mixologist.

Designer Tasha:

What’s your goal as Music Mogul?

DJ Lambo:

I want to own a world class label & shut down stadiums around the world with great music.

Designer Tasha:

On your leisure time, What do you do for Self-care/Self-love?

DJ Lambo:

I exercise and try to eat right. Then on other days I have a nice whiskey and a good movie to relax.

Designer Tasha:

Can you give advice to upcoming music enthusiasts?

DJ Lambo:

I would advise them to please don’t stop believing in yourself, also keep working to improve yourself always…

Designer Tasha:

What has kept you grounded?

DJ Lambo:

Most definitely God and family.

Designer Tasha:

This is something I love to do when I do interviews, I love to do questions in a one word answer option, I call it “Speed Questioning”… this helps the readers to get to know you in another fun way!

Speed Questioning:

Designer Tasha: Right or Left


Designer Tasha: Car or Truck


Designer Tasha: Black or Brown


Designer Tasha: Rice or Noodles

DJ Lambo: RICE

Designer Tasha: Vinyl Record or Cassette Tape


Designer Tasha: Old School Car or 2021 Car

DJ Lambo: 2021 CAR

Designer Tasha: Dog or Rabbit

DJ Lambo: DOG 100%

Designer Tasha: Drive or fly


I want to thank DJ Lambo for also spreading awareness about our Non-Profit, “ITOOMV” (I’m the Owner of my Vagina), where we advocate the voice of awareness to stand against Sexual Abuse of all sorts! She is such a huge support and we appreciate her dearly!


STYLIST & DESIGNER: Designer Tasha

CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Simeon Akinbulumo

HAIR & MUA: Winnie Carter

PHOTOGRAPHER: Snapp Code of Africa

APPAREL: VonRay Designs & HM


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