Which Snack Is Best for Weight Loss? 8 Healthy Snacks

Low-calorie, nutrient-rich snacks can help you in your weight loss journey by keeping you full during the day. Here are 8 healthy snacks for weight loss

When it comes to weight loss, eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly are key. But what about snacking? How can you maintain a calorie deficit without starving yourself?

Low-calorie, nutrient-rich snacks can help you in your weight loss journey by keeping you full during the day and satisfied between meals.

While some snacks are better than others for weight loss, however, keep in mind that you still need to be burning more calories than you consume. So make sure to eat healthy, balanced meals and exercise regularly.

8 healthy snacks that can help with weight loss

  1. Hummus: Hummus is a great alternative to mayonnaise and other high-calorie spreads. Made from mashed chickpeas, hummus is high in fiber and protein, meaning it can help you feel full for longer. It is also versatile and can be eaten as a vegetable dip or sandwich spread.
  2. Nuts: Nuts are rich in fiber and monounsaturated fats, which are good for the heart and brain. Nuts are very filling, and eating them in moderation can help prevent cravings and thus help you lose weight.
  3. Dried fruits: Combining dried fruits with nuts is a great way to stave off hunger between meals and satisfy your sweet tooth. Dried fruits can also help boost immunity, relieve constipation, keep your skin healthy, and help maintain healthy bones.
  4. Eggs: Eggs are packed with protein, low in carbs, and rich in other essential nutrients. Eating hard-boiled eggs can keep you full for longer and won’t raise your cholesterol levels as previously believed.
  5. Yogurt: Yogurt is another great snacking option that is rich in good bacteria that promotes a healthy gut. It aids in digestion and relieves constipation.
  6. Tea: Green tea boosts the immune system and can increase your metabolic rate. Chamomile, hibiscus, and lemongrass teas are also good for weight loss.
  7. Watermelon: Since watermelon is high in water content, it is very low in calories and can be eaten in large quantities and reduce cravings for other foods. It is also high in vitamins and minerals that are good for overall health.
  8. Beans: Beans are protein-rich foods low in fat that can help build muscle mass. Muscle mass is important in weight loss as it helps increase your basal metabolic rate, making you burn calories even at rest.


Weight loss occurs in the belly before anywhere else.
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