Do Cowboys fans like other Cowboys fans?

Not everyone likes their co-workers. Not everyone gets along with their family members. But when there’s one particular thing that unifies a group of people, surely they’ll all get along.

Right? Not so fast, my quote-unquote friend. Based on this extremely (not-at-all) scientific and universal (minute sample size) Twitter poll that is beyond reproach, I’ve collected a lot of data that shows surprisingly, Cowboys fans don’t really seem to like each other. Fandom is not a monolith and because the Cowboys are such a national brand, they bring about a wide array of fans that have different rooting levels.

These results will probably show up across a majority of fanbases, and perhaps Twitter users are more cynical than on other platforms such as Facebook or an actual cross-sampling poll, but one thing is for sure. When other fanbases complain how much they dislike Cowboys fans, the Cowboys fan they’re telling that to? Probably agrees.

There’s still some time to fill out the poll for yourselves.


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