Giants’ Sterling Shepard ducks punches from Browns’ Troy Hill following Friday’s joint practice

Sterling Shepard holding ball practice

There was some extracurricular activity at the tail end of Friday’s joint practice between the Giants and Cleveland Browns.

Giants receiver Sterling Shepard and Browns cornerback Troy Hill were seen getting into an altercation, with Hill throwing punches at Shepard, who ducked them all before being held back by one of his teammates.

While it’s unclear exactly what the scuffle was related to, other players appeared to just be standing around and watching, at least at the onset, without seeming very concerned before both players were separated.

This isn’t the first time Hill has gotten entangled with the Giants, either. When Golden Tate and Jalen Ramsey went at it after last year’s Giants-Rams matchup, Hill was right in the middle of the action as well.

Here’s a look at what went down:


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