‘There’s gonna be some guys that are gonna be on our team that aren’t even in the building yet”

Roster cutdowns are the harshest part of the NFL calendar. When 32 teams race to get from 80 players over the weekend to just 53 by 4 p.m. on Tuesday, hundreds of men lose their jobs.

Lions head coach Dan Campbell knows it well from being a former player. He’s spoken about how much he hates to cut players already, in just his first offseason at the helm. But Campbell also knows his own job security is tenuous if he doesn’t win, and that means making some tough decisions and assessments on the guys on his team.

And right now, Campbell understands that the players on his current roster just aren’t good enough. He laid out the harsh reality in his press conference before Monday’s practice.

“Certainly, we’re looking to help our depth a little bit,” Campbell said. “And we may or may not have it here if I’m being honest with you.”


Detroit Lions roster cutdown tracker

His words should remind the roster bubble players who survive in Detroit with the initial roster cutdowns that they are not safe, either.

“There’s gonna be some guys that are gonna be on our team that aren’t even in the building yet,” said Campbell. “That’s probably gonna happen. There’s a good chance that can happen.”

When given a chance to expand upon the point, Campbell did not back away from the point that the competition for roster spots is not over.

“I think what needs to be remembered here is that just between today and then tomorrow, some of these moves we make does not mean that these are the guys, that this is who we’re riding all the way through the season.”

Campbell’s blunt truth is an indication that the Lions will actively be scouring the waiver wire for upgrades over the current holders of roster spots at multiple positions. Expect to see some activity at wide receiver, offensive line, tight end and perhaps cornerback and safety in the coming days.


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