MotoGP star Marquez says sport support for Ukraine “not enough”

Ukraine has been under invasion from Russia since 24 February in a war that has been widely condemned by Western nations.

While world leaders have imposed sanctions on Russia and numerous nations have offered Ukraine support in its efforts to repel the Russian invaders, sporting bodies across the globe have also reacted to the conflict.

In motorsport, Formula 1 has terminated its contract with the Russian Grand Prix promoters, while Motorsport UK on Wednesday announced a ban on Russian competitors.

The Haas Formula 1 team elected to take Russian title sponsor Urikali’s branding off its car in last week’s Barcelona pre-season test, while the FIA has banned Russian and Belarusian-licenced drivers from competing under their nations’ flags.

The six-time MotoGP world champion posted a message of support for the people of Ukraine when the conflict began, and said on Thursday ahead of the 2022 Qatar Grand Prix that it is “difficult to understand” how this war has happened.

“Of course, it’s very difficult to understand even for me,” Marquez said when asked how MotoGP should respond to the war in Ukraine.

“I don’t know how in 2022 we can arrive in that point, and as you see in all MotoGP and all the riders, we are against the war.

“I cannot understand how in 2022 we arrived at that point, I cannot understand how we cannot stop [this war].

“I cannot understand many things.

“But what we can only say is try to give our support to all these people, all these families, all these kids who are suffering in this war from here.

“But it’s not enough. There are people much more important than us who must stop this.

“But this is the only thing I can say; give all the support, but that’s it.”


Ahead of Thursday’s Qatar GP media day, MotoGP staged its traditional start-of-season photo for the premier class.

The full grid was placed in front of a banner supporting the people of Ukraine saying “united for peace”.

Earlier this week the FIM announced it had cancelled all world championship events in Ukraine and Russia because of the war.

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Igora Drive in Russia was a reserve circuit for MotoGP last year in case any races had to drop off the calendar due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, it is unlikely to remain a reserve circuit amidst the current crisis.


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