Giants believed to be in mix for QB Mitchell Trubisky: report

Mitch Trubisky on sideline with Bills hat on

Backup quarterback may be higher on the priority list than you think with the Giants. Daniel Jones has shown a propensity to get hurt during the season, so someone that can lead the offense without a hiccup is vital to have, especially after what Mike Glennon and Jake Fromm were able to show (or lack there of) last season.

In that spirit, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler is reporting that the Giants are “believed to be in the mix” for Mitchell Trubisky, the former No. 2 overall pick by the Chicago Bears back in 2017.

And it only makes sense that they are for a number of reasons.

The first is the obvious connections with the former Bills leaders that are currently employed by Big Blue. Joe Schoen, and especially Brian Daboll, have watched as Trubisky reset his career in Buffalo following a very shaky first few seasons in the Windy City. He assumed the backup role behind Josh Allen and has done well in it, though his playing took an obvious dip as Allen ascended into the elite quarterback threshold.

Secondly, Trubisky has a run-and-gun style like Jones, so it may be easy for Daboll to scheme around both of them instead of a situation like the Giants had last year when Glennon took over. He is strictly a pocket passer, while Jones can move his legs to either pick up first downs or get outside the pocket.

To piggyback on this, too, Trubisky has worked in a Daboll offense. That means he can help Jones along the way to learn the new scheme.

Finally, Trubisky is a veteran, one that has seen a bunch already in his career including playoff games. A good backup will usually check those boxes and the Giants definitely want someone that does.

There may be a team out there, though, that could have Trubisky as their starter. Fowler mentioned sticking him with a drafted quarterback like Liberty’s Malik Willis to allow them to grow while Trubisky gets his second crack at a starting role. He would surely take that over backing up Jones, who the Giants have vehemently said they will be giving a fair evaluation this year.

The Carolina Panthers, Washington Commanders, Pittsburgh Steelers and Denver Broncos are expected to be looking into Trubisky’s market as well.

Over 57 games (50 starts) in his career, Trubisky has totaled 10,652 yards with a 64.1 completion percentage, 64 passing touchdowns, and 38 interceptions.


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