Tom Brady’s retirement is short-lived

A few weeks ago, legendary quarterback Tom Brady announced he was stepping away from the game, and retiring from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the National Football League.

It seems that decision was…short-lived.

The veteran quarterback announced on social media Sunday night, hours before the start of the NFL’s legal tampering period, that he was returning for a 23rd season in the league, and that he had unfinished business remaining with his teammates:

Of course, it is easy to see why Brady might decide to return to the field. After all, Brady made a push for a league MVP last season, finishing the year having completed 67.5% of his passes for a league-high 5,316 yards, 43 touchdowns and just 6 interceptions. Brady’s Adjusted Net Yards Per Attempt of 7.41was fifth in the NFL, behind just Aaron Rodgers, Joe Burrow, Matthew Stafford and Kirk Cousins.

When you can still do this, even at the age of 44:

The desire to return to the field is strong.

Furthermore, when this looked to be your final throw:

You absolutely still have something to offer on the field.

The decision also takes one potentially-QB needy team off the market, so the quarterback carousel we have seen spin out of control over the past few days will not make a stop in Tampa Bay.

Unless he changes his mind again…


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