Best Etch A Sketch masterpieces

(Pocket-lint) – One of the most popular toys of a generation, the Etch A Sketch has well surpassed its 60th anniversary and we here at Pocket-lint thought it only right and proper to prepare for such an auspicious occasion with a load of Etch A Sketch art.

Amazingly, people are still lovingly creating works of arts using these simple toys even in modern times where tablets, notebooks and mobile phones rule the world. 

We’ve collected some of the best we could find for you to enjoy. 

The Taj Mahal

We’re fairly sure not many tourists would go to the trouble of capturing their favourite spots by scribbling them out on an Etch A Sketch.

That’s what one traveller did though, creating this brilliant black and white vision of the Taj Mahal.


Is there anything more American than this view of an American Eagle backdropped by the Stars and Stripes?

Wonderfully crafted on an Etch A Sketch, this is a sight that any warm-blooded American would be proud of. 

Walter White

Even all these years on, we’re still big fans of Breaking Bad.

This awesomely detailed sketch of Walter White is a fitting tribute to a brilliant show. We love all the furrowed lines on his brow and the classic dead-eyed stare. 

Pulling off this level of detail with an Etch A Sketch is impressive too!

Betty Boop

Betty Boop first appeared on screens as an animated cartoon character in the 1930s. Now she’s appearing on a tiny black and white screen once again but this time in static form.

GEORGE VLOSICHbest etch a sketch masterpieces image 4


Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can. Can he appear on an Etch A Sketch? Yes he can. He is the Spiderman. 

GEORGE VLOSICHbest etch a sketch masterpieces image 10

The Beatles

The most well-known rock band of all time, have been given the Etch A Sketch treatment with each of the band members lovingly drawn out. We love that they’re even seen playing in this image too. 

GEORGE VLOSICHbest etch a sketch masterpieces image 9

Iron Man

Tony Stark would surely be pleased with this detailed black and white sketch of his likeness. Complete with explosive hero pose and an angry looking backdrop. 

Now Iron Man is made of Aluminum filings. 

GEORGE VLOSICHbest etch a sketch masterpieces image 8

Windows XP?

Someone has clearly cheated with this one. It looks like a tablet has been forced into an Etch A Sketch screen so it can run Windows XP in a compact form. Makes us wonder what a colour version of the classic sketching device would look like. 

GEORGE VLOSICHbest etch a sketch masterpieces image 7

Super Mario

One Mario fan has carefully drawn out everyone’s favourite plumber. Lovingly crafting the Italian for all to enjoy. 

GEORGE VLOSICHbest etch a sketch masterpieces image 6

The Joker

Why so serious? Well, because sketching like this is hard work and incredibly rewarding. That’s why. 

An awesome representation of Heath Ledger’s joker performance from yet another clearly talented Etch A Sketch artist. 


This image appeared on Instagram with the caption – “When you spend hours on an Etch A Sketch drawing and drop it”. 

We can certainly imagine how frustrating it would be after sinking hours into the perfect sketch. 

Princess Etech a SketchBest Etch A Sketch Masterpieces image 17

Hey, What’s Going On?

Alas, this image isn’t quite the same without the music, but if you know what you’re looking at then you can fully appreciate the accuracy of the drawing. The effort that must have gone into it is undeniable too. He-Man has never looked so good in black and white. 

GEORGE VLOSICHbest etch a sketch masterpieces image 2

Street Fighter

Imagine if you could play games on an Etch A Sketch. This is what it might have looked like. Gameboy style, but with two dials for the controls. We have to admit to being thoroughly impressed by the view of Street Fighter lovingly crafted like this on a toy. 


A brilliantly detailed etching of a classic sports car. All the right lines and a fantastic view of one of the best automobiles on the planet. 

Galaxy’s Edge

This magnificent piece of artwork took 20 hours to craft, drawn out over a month and a half during free time in the artist’s lunch breaks. How it didn’t get ruined in between each session is beyond us. Certainly plenty of intricate detail though. 

Caillebotte’s Paris Street

Another classic work by Jane Labowitch posted to Reddit, shows her efforts recreating Caillebotte’s Paris Street in Etch A Sketch form. This is in a semi-finished state and it took over 11 hours to get to this stage. This shows just how much patience and how steady a hand is required by these artists. 

Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla

A fairly unusual, yet highly detailed Etch A Sketch drawing shows Godzilla and Mechagodzilla battling it out with a thumb war. 

Philip J. Fry

Another classic and thoroughly detailed sketch. This one shows Futurama star, Philip J. Fry in perhaps his most well-known pose. This Etch A Sketch work is even better though, as if you look closely you’ll see other characters from the show etched in his hair. 

A starry night

Jane Labowitch (aka Pikajane/Princessetch) posted this brilliant sketch on Imgur explaining how she lovingly reimagined Vincent van Gogh’s classic oil canvas on an Etch a Sketch, then used a special process to make it permanent

GEORGE VLOSICHbest etch a sketch masterpieces image 3


One fan of Grand Theft Auto went to the trouble of recreating the box art for the game in Etch A Sketch form. Niko Bellic looks a little rougher around the edges than normal, but we can hardly criticise. 

GEORGE VLOSICHbest etch a sketch masterpieces image 11

Muhammad Ali

This famous image of one of the most celebrated boxers of all time, Muhammad Ali, recreated in one single frame. We can’t help but admire the skill and talent of these Etch A Sketch fans and how awesome their artworks are. 

GEORGE VLOSICHbest etch a sketch masterpieces image 12

The greatest Presidents

This sketcher has paid tribute to two of America’s greatest presidents – Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama. We’d love to see what they could do with Donald Trump. 


WandaVision was great, wasn’t it? Our very favourite Etch A Sketch artist Pikajane obviously thought so and she’s crafted this brilliant artwork as a homage to the show. 

Etch A Sketch memes

Here it is, a meme in Etch A Sketch form. Jane Labowitch, crafted this permanent Etch A Sketch art around the Gamestop stocks meme and even put it up for sale

Writing by Adrian Willings and Ben Crompton. Editing by Britta O’Boyle.


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