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(Pocket-lint) – Nothing announced that it had ambitions to launch a smartphone during its event on 23 March 2022. We say event, it was more of a soliloquy from Carl Pei – Nothing’s founder – outlining how tech had become stale and it was time for a change.

Nothing’s second product will be the Nothing phone (1) and here’s everything we know about it.

Release date and price

  • Summer 2022
  • 21 July suggested

There’s no confirmed date for the launch of the Nothing phone (1), but it’s being aimed at a summer launch. However rumours have suggested that the launch date will be 21 July 2022.

There’s no word on pre-orders, shipping dates or anything else – just that it’s coming in the middle of 2022.

We do have some information on retailers, however. Nothing has confirmed that it will be selling the phone through O2, Telekom Deutschland and Flipkart – so those are exclusive network retailers for UK, Germany and India.

Flipkart has listed a device with the model number A063 which is thought to be the Nothing phone (1), as has BIS India – an Indian standards agency.

Design and build

  • Translucent design
  • Visible charging coil

There has been very little shared about the design of the phone, but it started with the image above. Many have drawn a box around it and suggested that this is the rear of the phone – just as we have done above. That would suggest a camera top left and a wireless charging coil on the rear. With Nothing ear (1) having a translucent finish, there’s the suggestion that could be the line taken by Nothing.

This seems to have been confirmed, thanks to a Nothing starting its hype build-up with predictable interviews in the media. This includes a piece in Wallpaper which doesn’t reveal much, but suggests that the phone assembly had to be redesigned to accomodate the look Nothing wants considering a translucent rear panel.

Carl Pei has confirmed that the charging coil will be the “hero”, much as it is in other translucent designs we’ve seen before, from both from HTC and Xiaomi,

Nothing also tweeted saying that the frame will be made from recycled aluminium. We’re expecting a drip feed of details over the coming months.

The line to the top right remains a mystery – it looks like a winking eye and could be some sort of nod towards notifications. We’re also happy to accept that this could all be a red herring to get people to speculate, and nothing more.

Hardware specs

  • Snapdragon powered
  • Snapdragon 7 Gen 1?
  • Wireless charging

We know very little about the actual hardware specs for the phone. Nothing announced it was partnering with Qualcomm and we know that’s going to provide the heart for the Nothing phone (1).

There’s no telling what Snapdragon SoC it might use. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 would frame this as a flagship device, but this would also make it an expensive device. As the focus is on efficiency and experience, it could move down a step to Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 and still deliver a premium experience – but potential customers might not accept anything other than flagship level hardware.

Literally nothing else is known yet, except that it will support wireless charging.


On the software front we know a little more. We know it’s going to be an Android phone and we know it’s not going to duplicate Google’s apps, suggesting it’s going to be fairly close to stock.

But we do know it’s going to run Nothing OS and you can sample that experience thanks to the Android launcher that Nothing has made available.

But beyond that, Nothing has broad ambitions for what it wants to achieve, talking about ecosystem more than anything else – so it’s likely to be here that Nothing wants to differentiate, offering a smoother experience interacting with other devices.

All the leaks and rumours so far?

Here’s a timeline of everything that’s happened in the runup to the launch of the Nothing phone (1).

24 May 2022: Nothing could launch on 21 July

There’s been a rumour suggesting the Nothing phone(1) will launch on 21 July.

24 May 2022: Some design details get revealed

As the hype machine spins up, it’s confirmed that a translucent design is planned.

13 May 2022: Nothing phone(1) reveals model number

Listing at BIS India and Flipkart reveals the A063 model nubmer and suggests a launch is imminent.

10 May 2022: Nothing confirms retail partners for phone(1) launch

Nothing has confirmed that it will be retailing its phone through O2, Telekom Deutschland and Flipkart.

28 April 2022: Nothing Launcher beta is now available for download 

The Nothing Launcher has been made available on the Play Store so you can sample it now.

23 March 2022: Nothing confirms Nothing phone (1) will be its first smartphone

In an event called The Truth, Carl Pei confirms that a smartphone is incoming, due to launch in summer 2022. 

7 March 2022: Nothing Phone leaks in Carl Pei hands-on with Qualcomm CEO

In what looks like a planted leak, an image of Carl Pei showing a handset to Cristiano Amon, Qualcomm CEO, at MWC 2022 has surfaced online.

3 March 2022: It looks like Carl Pei’s Nothing brand will launch its first phone very soon

Rumours suggest that Carl Pei showed a prototype device to company execs at MWC 2022.

2 March 2022: Carl Pei on Nothing, ecosystems and those smartphone rumours

In an interview with Pocket-lint, Carl Pei refuses to confirm a smartphone launch, but does outline his ambitions for a better technology experience.

16 February 2022: Carl Pei teases Nothing’s upcoming Android smartphone

Speculation started with Carl Pei sharing that he had moved back into Android on Twitter – to which the Android account favourably responded.

Writing by Chris Hall.


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