Will there be an E3 in 2023?

(Pocket-lint) – The world’s biggest gaming show is traditionally held in the second week of June, but it didn’t take place at all last year. Not even digitally. Instead, gamers had to follow the latest gaming news through the online-only Summer Game Fest, but they were assured that E3 would return in 2023. Well, is it coming back? Here’s what we know and expect about E3 2023 so far.

What is E3 and why was it canceled last year?

E3 is possibly the biggest gaming convention in the world, offering industry attendees, journalists, and players a sneak peek at upcoming titles and new hardware. It is usually held in June across a three-day period, with some of the world’s biggest publishers and console manufacturers showing the titles that will be coming out later that year and beyond. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has either been canceled entirely or held online only.


Sadly, last year is one of those where the show didn’t happen at all. Some speculated that it was partly shelved due to a lack publisher interest – the likes of PlayStation and EA pulled out even before the pandemic. But the CEO of organiser ESA, Stan Pierre-Louis, told the Washington Post that COVID was the primary reason. “What I can tell you is that COVID has been a driving factor for anyone who conducts physical events for the past three years.”

Will there be an E3 in 2023?

Yes. After a year off, E3  is set to take place next June, both the Entertainment Software Association and event organiser ReedPop announced. It’ll be an in-person show, split into two parts: E3 Business Days and E3 Gamer Days.

When is E3 2023?

The show is set to kick off on 13 June and will run until 16 June 2023. 

There will be specific days for industry attendees on the Business Days and specific days for general consumers on the Gamer Days. There will also be areas cordoned off just for industry/business attendees.

  • E3 Business Days (from 13 June to 15 June 2023): For games industry attendees to network and nd go hands-on.
  • E3 Gamer Days (from 15 June to 16 June 2023): For general consumers to try games and connect with content creators.

Pocket-lint will update this guide when more information about E3 is announced.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.


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